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Turning Right

Having had a great evening with friends in the Somerset Village of Box, I set off bright and early the following day to return home to London. Twenty minutes in and already the electronic signs on the M4 were saying ‘Severe Delays’ at the next junction…


Not being in any great rush to get back to London I opted to turn off the M4 and pretty much ‘follow the sun’ back to London – not looking at the map, just following my instincts and the road ahead. What should’ve been a couple of hours journey time ended up being about five hours – a thoroughly awesome five hours, which lifted my spirits greatly – it was much-needed and made me wonder more about sometimes just doing something with no end goal and seeing happens.


I actually ended up in the village of Avebury in Wiltshire, spending a couple of hours enjoying the early morning sunshine amongst (I’ve since found out) the largest stone circle in the whole of Europe. It was really special and having been known to hug trees in the past, couldn’t resist touching these ancient monuments and wondering about all that has gone before these great monuments.


Not being much of a religious person, I ended up visiting the church in Avebury, taking pictures of the church and its gravestones very near this monument built by our ancient ancestors.


This morning really brought home how amazing we all are and how lucky we all are to have these reminders of previous lives. It also made me think of a walk I’d done with the boys a couple of years back – Op Rafter, where we also came across an ancient stone circle…

The Longest Walk 1.0 – Epic Walk

Saw this really great time-lapse video on Twitter this morning and it really resonates with me – I love the idea of just heading in a direction, keep walking – one foot in front of the other.

That and finally being able to grow a great beard!

Back in 2011 I was fortunate in that I was able to go on a world-wide trip, taking in many continents and experiencing many rich cultures. Seeing the above time-lapse made me think about a time when I was in Noida, Delhi taking photos of pilgrims on their own epic walk…

I really do fancy going on an epic walk somewhere.

An Englishman, an Indian and a Chicken, board a train…

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Memories of train travel, India…

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…almost the start to a great joke!

Train breaks down for an hour or so

I had to get back to Delhi – I had my ticket to leave Varanasi, sometime around 1pm Sunday. India has a huge train network, probably the biggest rail network in the World – it’s certainly India’s largest employer. When it works, it’s fantastic and certainly a great way to see the country though when it goes tits-up, it really does!

Booking tickets is fairly straight forward if you’ve an Indian credit card or family member who can book you a ticket online. Otherwise it means joining the queue at the station and waiting in line. Not speaking the language there’s an almost 100% chance you’ll get something wrong which will see you starting the whole process over again.

No ticket

They also have something called the ‘waiting list’ where you buy a ticket though you’re not assigned any seat – the idea…

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Songs of the Week

Last week, over the course of seven days I tweeted a song corresponding to the day of the week – all the songs meant something to me and brought back some happy memories. I’m posting up here – see what you think…

Monday – feeling pretty down, cause it was the start of the working week, I kicked off with the Boomtown Rats and Tell me why I don’t like Mondays – a great song, that still sounds great today.

Tuesday – what better than the Pogues and Tuesday Morning. I really love this song, it makes me think of someone quite special and the chances I’ve missed to put things right.

Wednesday – Wednesday Week by the Undertones, by far one of my all time favourite bands. Such a great band, Feargal Sharkey’s voice is amazing.

Thursday – Thursday (here’s why I did not go to work today) such a mellow, chilled out song by Harry Nilsson – could almost be a song for Sunday though you’d have to change the title, maybe ‘heres why I didn’t go to Church!’

Friday – The Cure’s Friday I’m in Love – growing up during the 80′s I was really into the Cure, allegedly I went out on a couple of occasions sporting black eyeliner! I do think Friday would be great name for a girl.

Saturday – can only be the theme from the Fonz and Happy Days!

Sunday – finished the week with Blondie and Sunday Girl, a great song to end my Songs of the Week Compilation.

1. Boomtown Rats, Tell me why I don’t like Mondays
2. The Pogues, Tuesday Morning
3. The Undertones, Wednesday Week
4. Harry Nilsson, Thursday (here’s why I did not go to work today)
5. The Cure, Friday I’m in Love
6. The Fonz Theme Tune, Happy Days
7. Blondie, Sunday Girl

Here’s my favourite: