The Ace Cafe

The Ace Cafe or the Ace, just off the A406 in North West London is a legendary transport cafe that attracts motor-bikers (and car enthusiasts) from across the World. I’d originally heard of the Ace through a good friend Steve (who now lives in the US) and it’s only in the last few weeks I’ve been able to swing-by and check it out.

The Ace Cafe, NW London

The Ace is an institution bar none. The walls are bedecked with newspaper cuttings chronicling its rise and fall during the 1950’s and 1960’s everything from rockers, mods, gang-fights to the famous ‘Ton Up Boys’ who would risk life and limb racing customised motorbikes in excess of 100mph – an incredible speed for the time, more so given how basic the bikes were during that time.

It’s a great cafe and well worth visiting should you be passing by. There’s a very good canteen which also serves a great cup of tea and if you’re a non-driver, cold beer!

They host numerous ride-outs, classic car meet ups, in fact there’s generally something going on most weekends/evenings with bands playing at the weekends, from rocker billy to northern soul.

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