Bar Italia – Soho

My favourite place for coffee here in London is Bar Italia, located on Frith Street in the heart of Soho. It’s a stalwart of Soho, having opened in 1949 and looking at the red topped stools dotted along a mirrored wall and formica drinking surface, I believe it’s all the original fixtures fittings!

Outside Bar Italia by SomeDriftwood

I used to work quite close to Bar Italia and on days when I wasn’t riding my bike to work, I would call in to receive my caffeine fix from Vinny, one of the long serving Barristas. Being early (7am) didn’t matter, it was still busy with older Italian guys playing the slot machines in the corner, trannies ordering espresso, clubbers heading home and a team of armed response policeman all there because of the great coffee.On occasions, the street outside would be full of Soldiers mounted on Horses, the Queens Cavalry also stop by for their fix early in the morning!

Inside Bar Italia (piloto de pruebas)

The coffee is exceptional and is expertly made by Vinny and the guys using a hand-pulled coffee machine, their mix of beans is a closely guarded secret! Apparently the coffee is expensive (compared to the like of N+ros, St+rbucks, Pr+t) though I disagree, this place is as authentic as it gets and once gone will never be replicated.

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