Deadmau5, London 28/11/2011

Deadmau5, Terratag rip-off

Having said goodbye to our two Canadian friends, a new Canadian was in town – Deadmau5 was here promoting the new Nokia Lumia phone on the banks of London’s River Thames whilst at the same time, projecting the ‘advert’ against the Millbank Tower.

I don’t really know too much about Deadmau5 (in fact nothing at all) though went along as the show promised to be spectacular – the 4d graphics it was said, would make it appear as if the tower was wobbling, it was free and being a Monday evening I had very little to do. So jumping on the bike, I rode the two or three miles from my flat to Vauxhall, ready for an evening of dance music and a great show.

Following the support, Deadmau5 got going behind the music desk and to be fair, it could’ve been a lot louder, a longer set would’ve been worthwhile too. He played one possibly two songs – one being raise your weapon which is the only track I know due to someone playing it to me earlier in the day.

One thing that did strike me was how familiar his whole look is compared to the London-based Terratag ( a brand I’ve been wearing for 13 or so years…

The show against Millbank was pretty impressive though ended with a massive graphic of the new phone but everyone was left with the feeling of wanting more. As the show finished, Deadmau5 pretty much said thanks, and that was it!

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