Thames Path, east of Greenwich

East of Greenwich is a great walk.

The Thames Path follows the River Thames east through desolated waste ground, barren industrial areas, full of redundant cranes and machinery. Even though Canary Wharf, the financial hub of London is just across the river, you really do feel exposed, more so on rainy grey, winter days. It’s so remote that whenever I walk there, I always have the feeling of some other Worldliness and fully expect to some classic gangster movie being shot amongst the empty buildings if I was going to top someone (in a gangster way) it would be here!

Starting off in Greenwich, maybe a quick pint at the Cutty Sark(!) and almost straight away, you’re on your own with the wind and rain blowing straight through you. Following the river as it meanders its way east you’ll be lucky to see another person. Derelict cranes appear by the Thames, iron structures standing eerily silent. It’s easy to imagine how busy this place once was and now it just stands witness to changing times in this part of London. Before too long you arrive at the Thames Barrier, an incredible structure which was started during the 1970’s (completed in ’82) and is London major flood protection. interestingly its the second largest flood protection system in the World, the first being in Holland.

Here are some photos following a recent walk.

Guarding the Dome

Boats in front of Canary Wharf

Iron Post

Cranes, with Canary Wharf in the background

War of the Worlds

The Thames Barrier

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