Carols in the Square

Over the last couple of days the temperature here in London has really dropped, gone is the balmy weather of October and November, there’s a chill in the air and frost in the mornings. Christmas is just around the corner, though there’s little festive cheer, however this evening, we attempted to amend this by joining the Friends of Battersea Square for their annual carol service, a couple of blocks from our flat.

It was a lovely evening with mulled wine, mince pies and a bit of singing along the way – though the quality of the singing varied, I was stood amongst the tone-deaf fathers and husbands!

The guest of honour was the Mayor of Wandsworth, Jane Cooper whom seemed quite a jolly person full of big smiles and when it came to switching on the lights pulled a couple of kids up from the audience to help out

Photos here:

Red Antlers

General W

Music Man


Mayor Jane Cooper


Star Gazing


Christmas Tree

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