Festive Frolics at Gordon Ramsay’s, The Narrow

The Narrow, Gordon Ramsay’s ‘gastro pub’ over in East London was the choice for our annual christmas dinner with friends. Each year we choose a different venue and having read favourable reviews of the Narrow, we decided to book the Captains Table for our motley crew of friends.

The Narrow is set amongst a number of residential flats in an area called Limehouse, a strange place really but bang next to the river overlooking South London.

The Captains Table is located upstairs and we quickly joined our friends, some of whom had been there a good hour or so and were well on their way to being festive! The room was lovely – a long table set up for 13 diners, a lit fire and some old paintings on the wall – of old naval war ships, very old school.

Opting for the festive menu, a four course extravaganza starting off with a Roasted Pumpkin Soup, served in little cappuccino cups – it lacked depth, our friend Paddy’s is a lot better!

Opting for the Potted Salt Beef, Cornichons with Sourdough Toast was a mistake as on seeing the Beetroot Cured Salmon I knew I’d made the wrong choice – the Salt Beef was dull looking and dry, the salmon looked fantastic.

The mains were a disaster – several ordering Braised Beef Cheeks, each and every dish was served cold, not a hint of warmth on the plate, the gravy had skin covering it – not good.

To be fair, the plates were taken away and we were served new dishes (which when warm) were excellent but it meant that the dinner became quite disjointed as half the table had their food, the rest didn’t!

More Gang

Deserts were good, opting for the Banana Sticky Toffee Pud with Clotted Cream was the choice of the deserts (others being Christmas Pud and Cheesecake,) though I would’ve liked more clotted cream.


We rounded the evening off with Charades – each of us taking a turn to perform and aided by several glasses of wine and a number of thespians/industry insiders amongst us, became quite competitive. Jamie in particular did very well, being pretty much unable to stand he managed to get Gladiator performed and guessed but Lisa (his wife) took the prize for doing the charade she’d guessed only moments before – too much wine causing memory loss – though we were all guilty of that!


It was a great evening though let down by the food – given it was a Gordon Ramsay restaurant (albeit a pub) it was very expensive for what in effect is a gastro pub – the food was OK but no better than our local pub which is half the price and where they serve the food hot.

I've drunk this much...

5 thoughts on “Festive Frolics at Gordon Ramsay’s, The Narrow

    • Funnily enough, I almost made the comment that if you wanted a ‘better’ experience then I would try the Anchor and Hope on the Cut, Waterloo – far superior to the Narrow and dare I say, a little less up itself?

      I’ve wanted to try the Canton Arms for a long time now so thank you for the recommendation – have you been and is it as good as the A&H?

  1. A&H is what I compare all restaurants of that ilk to and is head and shoulders above the Narrow – by a big margin at that. By all accounts, I’ve heard that it might be up for a michelin star so get in there quick!

    Be aware though, that they operate a no-booking policy and the evenings are very busy (Lunch is a good time to visit as it’s less busy, I spent a good couple of hours there recently, lovely food and very relaxed.) If you go for dinner arrive for 6.30pm and make sure you put your name down on the wating list as soon as you arrive – with good luck you should be seated pretty promptly after 7pm.

    Arriving c 8pm will see you with a two hour wait for a table and half a menu – the dishes are on a first come, first served basis.

    Go, its fantastic!

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