Boxing Day with Dead Horse Morris

Whilst wandering around Whitstable earlier today – (walking off the turkey and trying to find a pub that was open,) we bumped into Dead Horse Morris – well we saw a group of guys, faces painted black and knowing theres no coal industry here in Whitstable decided to follow them. DHM are a group of men and women (from Whitstable and the surrounding area,) who perform a style of Morris Dancing that is more ‘Border’ style rather than the traditional ‘bells and hankies’ of the Cotswolds.

However, there is something quintessentially English about Morris Dancers, who in there right mind would think to wear an upside colander on there head with brussel sprouts dangling from said ‘hat’ and faces painted black – men dancing with men and the ladies the same. Truly bonkers – it makes you proud to be English!

They were fantastic – a large crowd gathered to watch as the men, faces painted black, wearing hobnailed boots, cordrouys and cheesecutter caps performed numerous dances with the Brussel Sprout Dance being truly memorable – sprouts flying everywhere it was (almost) lethal!

Having watched the dance and enjoyed a mince pie, we found an open pub and quickly settled in, enjoying a Boxing Day beer in front of an open fire.

7 thoughts on “Boxing Day with Dead Horse Morris

    • Superb, loving it!

      Such a shame all these guys are being overlooked by the Olymics team, imagine all these Morris Men having a dance off at the opening ceremony – would be an awesome sight and probably save a whole heap of cash. I mean, how much would several ales cost per man?

  1. Well on the subject of ale. When the coconutters are doing their thing, they have to stop at each pub to have a pint. These guys can drink. Could be quite expensive.

    Will be in touch with Danny Boyle to see if we can get them included.

    • Hi Alex (shouting colandered weirdo 3rd photo down!)

      You’re more than welcome to use and I think I may have the originals if you would like those? It was great to bump into Dead Horse Morris, totally unexpected – I only wish that I lived closed so I could see more of you and dare I say, attempt to join!

      Have a great 2012 and I really hope to see you all next time we’re that way.

      • Originals would be great – thanks. Make yourself known the next time you see us, & we’ll try and drag you in – there’s always room for one more!

        & If you really are interested in dancing (with us or anyone else), then you can find your local side using the Morris Federation Sidefinder:

        There’s a lot of us out there!

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