Wednesday night, London Town

A selection of photos from around Waterloo and Central London, taken last night whilst en route to Cay Tre, a Vietnamese Kitchen in the heart of Soho. The restaurant was packed full to the rafters though I wasn’t sure as to why as the food, whilst OK, wasn’t spectacular, the best dish being an Indian inspired lamb curry!

Maybe having recently been to Vietnam I was being a little too picky!

Anyway, some photos:


4 thoughts on “Wednesday night, London Town

  1. Wow, amazing shots, but then no one knows Soho et al better than you and as you ‘discovered’ Banksy before the rest of the world you’ve got a great eye too. Dano impressed with them also and suggests we do beers soon [it’s been too long] to catch up. My old mobile/email still work or try via – see some of his recent work there too. Cheers, Grifter.
    PS bring the camera so we can make some Donk shots of our own!

    • I have never bought a mate a beer on the basis they would buy me one back! Irrespective, the tales you must have from your trip around the World will be worth the cost of several rounds at least. Am a free agent now so anywhere/anytime including weekends (apart from this) works for me – so name it?

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