Faces of Paris

Staring out from numerous walls (as if someone has rushed face first into and through a wall!) throughout Paris are these faces – faces of the French-born sculptor Gregos. Multi-coloured or plain they can be quite eerie when you first see one (though if truth be told, you don’t tend to notice them at first…)

Then you see a second, then a third and before too long you’re seeing them all over the place. Apparently there’s 350 plus stuck to the walls of Paris…

5 thoughts on “Faces of Paris

  1. Amazing. Oh those artists, when well they stop being so thoughtful. Imagine how much plaster of PARIS (!?) he had all over his tongue for this. Dedication. It’s dope, thanks for sharing.

  2. Neat! I especially like the personal, almost confrontational effect of encountering one of these faces. Are they at eye level?

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