East of the Barrier

Following our climbing session at the Reach climbing wall (and whilst waiting for the snow to start falling) I took the opportunity to take a a few photos east of the Thames Barrier.

Berthed alongside the wall is the wreck of the MV Royal Iris, a former Mersey Ferry which was relocated from Liverpool to London during 2002 to be converted into a nightclub. Having seen her, I very much doubt that anything will come of it – she’s looking very sorry for herself and I guess with the economy as it is it’ll just continue to rot.

A personal memory of the MV Royal Iris

On the opposite side of the Thames, east of the barrier is the sugar refinery of Tate & Lyle, a vast industrial estate with chimneys bellowing smoke – it looks quite lonely sat there against the grey skies.

Beyond the police/harbour master launches you can just make out the Thames Barrier crossing the River Thames. Completed in 1982, it protects London from flooding and interestingly for me, my father fitted the lightning protection to the structure during the early 1980s.

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