Takes two to Tango!

This time last year, my wife and I were living in Palermo Hollywood – a cool part of town in Buenos Aires. We’d left the UK a few months before, taking a cargo ship from London to Buenos Aires (a journey time to 32 days) to live in Argentina, aiming to learn Spanish and to dance the Tango…

Buenos Aires is a great city and we were fortunate to be able to live there (rather than shooting through) as given the distance you certainly need more than two weeks to explore this fascinating city.

With regards to our plans, we had mixed results – after several weeks of Spanish we could ‘get-by’ – my wife certainly picked up Spanish a lot quicker than me. And the Tango, unfortunately for us, we met Cristian with one week left in Buenos Aires and typically his studio was not more than five minutes from our apartment! Having found him, we spent a good week learning Tango and whilst we only had a short time with him, we were very pleased with our Tango, Cristian is a great teacher and we were very fortunate to meet him…

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