Jelly Baby Family, Marble Arch

Opposite the horse statue in Marble Arch is this piece, (which I initially thought was by Jeff Koons)  It transpires that the Jelly Baby sculpture (which is made of resin) was created by Italian pop artist Mauro Perucchetti and again, like the horse, was only supposed to be there for short period of time.

4 thoughts on “Jelly Baby Family, Marble Arch

  1. Ranoush is definitely worth seeking out, though theres several! I tend to visit ‘Ranoush Juice’ which is more cafe in style and its located at 43 Edgware Road (corner of Edgware Road & Connuaght Street.) Its quite compact – I tend to order 1 chicken / 1 lamb and stand to eat.

    Just around the corner from here is Tony Blair’s town house, located on Connaught Square – the one with the armed guards outside, so be careful with those eggs and tomatoes!

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