Major Oak, Sherwood Forest

Taking time out from helping mum move from London to Nottinghamshire, I took the opportunity of visiting Sherwood Forest which is located several miles from Rainworth (and about 15 or so miles north of Nottingham.)

Robin Hood

Sherwood Forest is famed for being the hiding place of Robin Hood and his Merry Men – a famous story known World-wide and is a wonderful place to spend a few hours wandering amongst the gnarly ancient oaks, seeking the spirit of this famous outlaw…

Gnarly Oaks

In the middle of the Forest is the famous Major Oak – a huge Oak tree which is estimated to be over 1150 years old and is also the place where Robin Hood hid from the Sheriff of Nottingham. It really is a beautiful and quite rightly, one of fifty recognised great trees in the UK.

Major Oak, Sherwood Forest

Major Oak dominates the whole glade, bringing the stories of Robin Hood to life – you can only imagine the stories this great tree could tell us if it could only speak to us!

Major Oak, Sherwood Forest


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