Hockney at the Royal Academy

With London being bathed in glorious sunshine, Shelley and I finally managed to get across town to the Royal Academy to see David Hockney’s first major show featuring numerous paintings of the East Yorkshire countryside.

Over the last few years he’s certainly been prolific – one room contained a series of paintings over a period of three or so months, many of the same scene, it was as if he’d taken a photo every few days documenting the seasons change – it was pretty cool.

He’s also branched out into digitial photography and he has several films showing, shot at slightly different angles from the main view and this was pretty spectacular and worth seeing in there own right.

The only downside was the Academy being totally rammed, almost filled to bursting so you didn’t really get chance to really immerse yourself in the art. We both came away pretty impressed – if only we had the wall space for one of his huge pieces, that and a big wallet!

5 thoughts on “Hockney at the Royal Academy

  1. The films of the ‘tunnels’ were for me the high point if the exhibition. Throughout the rooms at the RA, yoga get. Sense he’s playing with perspective and he films really bring that into focus.

    • Morning Ships Cook, it’s worth checking g out, maybe tie in with the jelly babies, horses head and a trip to Ranoush at the same time?

      By all accounts, Friday/Saturday evenings are less busy and don’t forget to book in advance.

      • Thanks, I have been to a few shows at the RA in the past and they always seem to be crowded, which is good for the state of Art in the UK, but a bit of a pain when you want to enjoy a good poke around

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