London’s Air Ambulance

Having just arrived home, I looked out of our 15th floor window to see London’s Air Ambulance pass by my window and drop down into the small park, directly opposite the flat…

So grabbing my camera I jumped in the lift to go and take some photos – though it was with a sense of dread as these guys always attend the most serious of accidents, so someone very nearby was in serious trouble.

I got chatting with the Pilot who told met that they’d brought over a paramedic and doctor for an incident nearby – several neighbours mentioned that numerous roads were snarled up with traffic…

The Pilot was super cool and we chatted about the helicopter, a McDonnell Douglas MD 902 Explorer and has an airtime of about an hour – which in process burns a litre of fuel every minute. These guys fly out of Mile End and I think they said that they can cross London in little over 12 minutes.

Like all Ambulance Men and Women, they do such an important job and they get my utmost respect – they’re all heroes and my thoughts are with the injured person, I hope they’re OK.

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