Straight Razor Blades

I’ve been following Alex at be-cause-blog for the last several months now and its a great read, full of excellent content and definitely worth checking out. It jam-packed full of great photos and interesting articles, its one of my favourite blogs.

Alex has a serious collection of Straight Razor Blades and whilst admiring said blades I noticed that he had one for sale, the Tambour 41 by Robert Buntenbach which interested me greatly… Several emails later and one very funny email received yesterday, following This Post

Hello Craig,

I was a bit concerned when I saw the ambulance heli but I guess it 
wasn´t you having a straight razor accident :) Let me know when the 
razor has been

I have the feeling I should have posted it as a parcel with a tracking
number. So if your postman having an extra nice shave or cut´s all over 
his face,kick his ass ;-)



Well, I can safely say that the Helicopter wasn’t for me nor did the postman have cuts all over his face as this morning, I took delivery of my first Straight Razor and it is so cool.

It’s beautiful to look at, a stunning piece of craftmanship and surgical sharp – Alex had stropped the blade prior to sending – gulp! He’s also kindly provided with some shaving soap so it’s time to dig out my Badger Hair Shaving Brush, watch some You Tube videos and hopefully not chop my head off!

Thanks Alex, I’m very chuffed with this and owe you one!

3 thoughts on “Straight Razor Blades

  1. I’m not at my best in the morning, certainly not good enough to put an open blade to my throat. It’s a Merkur futur for me, feels like an open blade but it’s a safety razor. It even has adjustment for the blade, to make it feel more open, I find 3-4 the best for me, unless I’ve got a few days growth and then I crank it up to 5.

    BTW, ain’t putting no putting no badger’s arse bristle near my face, horse hair for me, they get the hair from the ear.

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