Sundance Film Festival at the O2

Over the weekend, I got the chance to attend the Sundance Film Festival at the O2 here in London. We had a great day and saw some great documentaries – all stunningly shot and all three had incredible stories to tell.

By far my favourite and most surprising was Finding North, a movie by Kristi Jacobson and Lori Silverbush.

The movie has hunger as its theme and whilst initially I wasn’t too ‘interested’ the story just blew me away – I certainly didn’t realise that something like 49 million US citizens are in a situation called Food Insecurity, a term which means that these people have no idea where or when there next meal will come from which is outrageous for a superpower.

The movie ran three stories, each beautifully told and heartbreaking at the same time. It’s definitely worth seeking out as were the other two movies; Chasing Ice and The House I Live In.

Chasing Ice was about climate change and the effect of green house gases on glaciers – all captured on time lapse cameras. To see the rate at which these glaciers are disappearing was a real shock – you hear about it on the news and read it in paper but having now seen it with my own eyes, well I’m convinced.

The House I Live In was about America’s failed War on Drugs and locking people up, many of whom were non-white (when all sections of society use) and the boom in private prisons – this was tough watch and for me it really did show that the War is lost and a new approach is needed.

It’s nuts knowing that the US spends over a trillion dollars in the fight against drugs, which it isn’t winning whilst at the same time it’s children and families are starving, its a crazy mucked up place!

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