Whitecross Street, EC1

Four weeks into my new job and so far so good.

Location wise – having spent most of time working in and around London’s west-end, I now find myself working just off of Old Street, in the heart of the Barbican.

I’ve always known about the Barbican, famous for its Brutalist Architecture, as my Uncle Frank used to work there during the early 1980’s, he was a lift engineer working for Otis and used to commute from Milton Keynes to London each day – he would always bring home a copy of the Standard newspaper and kiwi fruit which at age of ten seemed very exotic!

I’m yet to explore the surrounding area but as well as containing residential flats (built during the 1960/70’s – it also houses an Art Centre, the Museum of London, a Cinema, Theatre and the City of London School for Girls.

Literally around the corner from my office is Whitecross Street EC1 – a street containing numerous food stalls selling a variety of food from Indian Curries, Thai Curries, Burritos, Pie & Mash, Cookies – pretty much all food tastes are catered for and at lunch time the whole street is buzzing with office workers seeking their lunch.

Theres a couple of green parks nearby where if the weather is nice, are full of ‘suits’ enjoying their lunch. Theres also a great pub, the Two Brewers where they allow you to eat your street bought food (so long as you buy a pint or two)

I’m really enjoying the Barbican and looking forward to the summer!

Lek’s Thai Food


Look here

The Wild Game co.

Order here (you can see the Barbican in the background)

Fresh Coffee

Galeta Cookies!

Whitecross Street, EC1




5 thoughts on “Whitecross Street, EC1

  1. I worked in Old Street from the early eighties until about 2005, barring my wilderness years running a regional press office in St Albans. When I first worked there it was pretty grim and Whitecross Street was just an ordinary street market, typically as soon as the food market developed my office was moved to the West End (not that I’m complaining it don’t get much better than working off Oxford Street with all the boozers and restaurants of Soho, Theatreland and Fitzrovia). You are not far from Islington which has some great restaurants and pubs like Le Mercury and the Indian Veg

    • I’m really enjoying being in this part of the city more so since having worked in Fitzrovia and Piccadilly for the last thirteen years. The pubs here are different to those in the West End and I’m slowly checking them out -m the one mentioned is quite a decent pub.

      Re the food market, I do feel for the half a dozen or so restaurants located on the street – they’re unable to compete at lunchtimes which must be really hitting them in the pocket.

      Thanks for the suggestions, I will be heading that way at somepoint so will report back!

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