The Barbican Estate

The sun has been shining and its been glorious here in London so yesterday, during my lunch break, I grabbed my camera and went to explore the Barbican and I was properly blown away, I love the place – it’s so cool.

Built during the 1960s and 1970s, famed for its Brutalist Architecture and is now a Grade II listed building.

Even though you’re in the heart of the City, you can wander around and not see anyone.

City of London, Coat of Arms.

City workers enjoying a spot of lunch.

Water feature!

Ladies that lunch.

1 thought on “The Barbican Estate

  1. ‘famed for its Brutalist Architecture’- I like that. I’d never heard the term before so had to Google it. I just like the idea of someone being asked to describe a new buildings architecture and simply saying ‘It’s brutal’ (although I’m sure that’s not how it happened…I just like the idea).

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