Frank’s Cafe & Campari Bar, Peckham

Its been honking down for about the last two months, and it’s still raining which is shame as Frank’s Cafe & Campari Bar has ‘popped-up’ again for the summer.

Franks Bar is open for the summer only and is halfway up Rye Lane in Peckham, on the tenth floor of the multi-storey car park, next to Peckham Multiplex.

It’s fairly easy to find – just follow all the Nathan Barley lookalikes, looking a tad out-of-place in this part of Peckham – I say out-of-place as they’re ‘missing’ during the rest of the year!

Stunning vistas across London with amazing sunsets though getting a drink at the bar is a pain as it’s usually five or so deep and whilst I’ve not yet eaten  there, the food is meant to be excellent.

It really does remind of various Bars I’ve visited in Berlin.

Frank’s Cafe & Camapari Bar, Peckham SE15

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