13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

    • I’ve seen various shots on your site to this weekly challenge and is my first entry. I’m not too sure how link though I did post my url/page link to the comments section on their site – is this correct?

  1. Yes. It may be because a lot of people post heir pix as soon as the challenge comes out that you haven’t had more visitors. A shame as this is a good pic. Have you looked at many others? There’s a good deal of reciprocity. It’s a nice way of finding new blogs.

  2. I am just looking at this photo again and admiring the whoosh of the diagonal. A hint of Nike perhaps? And the contrast with the still backgrounds. There’s a lot of urban narrative going on here. 🙂

    • Thanking you!!

      Its taken off the multi-story car park next to Peckham Multiplex – I was there visiting Franks Bar and thought it would make an interesting Photo.

      The train is pulling out of Peckham Rye Stn, heading (I think) to Nunhead!

      I just commened on a photo by windagainsthecurrent and then saw that you had as well – we said the same thing in that the piccy looks like a painting.

      Great minds and all that!

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