More on the Wall, Whitecross Street

Several more pieces have appeared on Whitecross Street ready for the ‘Rise of the non-conformists’ taking place this weekend. Not too sure whether I’m that impressed – theres a piece by Shephard Fairey (nothing new from him,) several tadpole pieces – I assume by D’face and a large marble bone which must weigh several tonnes!

Theres numerous other pieces but they’re all ‘canvases’ attached to the walls rather than sprayed on the walls – a bit lame in my opinion. Hats off to Conor Harrington, Don and Teddy Baden – I actually bumped into Don on Tuesday and he’s a really nice guy, all of whom have put some effort in.

I’d like to see the Dog this bone is meant for – it must be all of ten feet tall and weigh several tonnes!


GCHQ – always listening.

Police Sniper.

by Don.


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