The return of Musgogenesis (6a)

The last time we were in this part of Spain, it was for my good friend Jons’ stag weekend – which we’d conveniently arranged about three weeks prior to the actual wedding, you can already see where this is heading!

So here we were February 2010, young(ish) men with minds full of adventure, our first proper climbing trip – though we’d been here previously to bag Caminito del Rey a famous walk we’d talked about doing for years and years!

The stag was going well, we were climbing lots, drinking plenty of wine and generally having a great time with good friends. Buoyed by a great mornings climb, our hero of the story decided that he was by far too good a climber to be bothering with the lesser climbs we were on, and sets about tackling Musgogenesis (Graded 6a.)

Of the course the inevitable happened, having climbed about six feet from the ground and on making his next move (there is a further story here about how Tug came to be called Tug…) Jon fell, breaking his ankle on the rock – we were obviously in hysterics with Jon heroically telling us to climb on, that he’d be ok, leave him with a gun and he’d fight the enemy off and we could make good our escape (the pain obviously getting to him) – though it was obvious it was a little more serious, so having stopped laughing and taking many pictures, off we went to the hospital where a fractured ankle was confirmed!

Half of Six is Three

Half of Six is Three

So being in the Area, Tug and I decided to pay a visit to the scene of crime to bag a special picture which I’m sure Jon will appreciate and for the record, Jon and Amanda married a few weeks later, the bride looking lovely in white and Jon, well Jon was on crutches trying to hide the heavily bandaged leg!

Couldn't resist!

Couldn’t resist!

So then, day two – Bagged:

Los Currantes (4)
Albert Extrem (4)
Er Suzuki (4+)
Chicharreta (4+)

3 thoughts on “The return of Musgogenesis (6a)

  1. You have such a poor memory. I was about 15ft up and was ‘tugged’ from the wall, falling about 6 feet before hitting the wall and snapping my ankle. Very inconvenient I can tell you.

    Anyway, full facts stated. I hope you guys are having fun.

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