Sunday 30th June 2013

Glorious day here in London so jumped on the bike and rode into East London – I’ve not been this way for about 6 months so it was great to see loads of new art everywhere. Started off in Blackall Street then rode around Brick Lane and the surrounding streets.

Birds Nest

Blackall st 3

Blackall St2

Blackall St4

Blackall St5

Blackall st6

Blackall st7

blackall st8

Blackall st9

Blackall st10

Blackall st11

Blackall st12

Blackall st13

Blackall st14

Blackall st15

Blackall St16

Blackall st17

Blackall st18

Blackall st19

Blackall st20

Blackall st21

blackall st22

Blackall st23

Blackall st24

Blackall st25

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