5 thoughts on “Arnos Vale Cemetery, Bristol

  1. Good to see you are back in the saddle. Never get tired of your stunning finds, so keep them coming. Like you I love graveyards, (just as well as I’m far more likely to be in one before you) and thought you’d be interested in visiting St John’s the Baptist in Walliswood. The Scarlett Arms, just around the corner from it as you get out of the woods, is your kind of place too. Check it out as it’s also got stunning rural walking country all around.

    Happy to be your guide if you fancy a day out in the Surrey Hills?

    Not sure if you have my newish mobile, (++), since I’ve given up working I never use the old one. Be good to hear from you sometime soon. : )P

  2. Cemetaries are often full of cool stuff, when I was a kid my gran used to take us all to Highgate cemetary at the weekends, so much monumental stuff to see including the tomb of Karl Marx

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