Adam & Eve, not Adam & Steve

When I first came to London I would spend every Sunday at Speakers Corner, located at the end of Oxford Street/top corner of Hyde Park. Its a great specatcle with some very witty people arguing the toss with the various religious speakers – I love the place though only really visit from time to time now.

I love this Guy and always make a beeline to hear him speak as he’s a born again christian and he’s hysterical to listen to – he also gets a fair few hecklers and is very amusing to watch.


Some of the stuff he was coming out with today was pure gold – what with the above Adam & Steve, he was getting quite animated with a Muslim guy who popped up to argue points from the bible – at one stage he told him to go back to Woolwich!


4 thoughts on “Adam & Eve, not Adam & Steve

  1. No problems, happy to meet up.

    As for best time – it’s every Sunday and I tend to make a day of it as it changes through out the day as people/speakers come and go. Generally though, am there from about 10:30 through till mid/late afternoon.

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