London is the Place for Me

Since the New Year I’ve been living and working up in Hereford though coming back to London most weekends. I do like the Hereford, it’s a beautiful part of the World – very green with a stunning a town centre. It’s just not London! I used to work here previously – would’ve been around 90-94 and the place hasn’t changed one bit. Still has the same names pubs, little cafes and shops – it’s just so quiet.

hereford bull

For example, I went out one evening and walked in to town – must have been about 7pm on a Thursday evening and the centre of town was like Lewisham High Street at 5am – not one soul, it was eerily spooky!

I will move out of London at some point, more than likely heading to one our great northern cities – till then, London is the Place for Me!

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