Songs of the Week

Last week, over the course of seven days I tweeted a song corresponding to the day of the week – all the songs meant something to me and brought back some happy memories. I’m posting up here – see what you think…

Monday – feeling pretty down, cause it was the start of the working week, I kicked off with the Boomtown Rats and Tell me why I don’t like Mondays – a great song, that still sounds great today.

Tuesday – what better than the Pogues and Tuesday Morning. I really love this song, it makes me think of someone quite special and the chances I’ve missed to put things right.

Wednesday – Wednesday Week by the Undertones, by far one of my all time favourite bands. Such a great band, Feargal Sharkey’s voice is amazing.

Thursday – Thursday (here’s why I did not go to work today) such a mellow, chilled out song by Harry Nilsson – could almost be a song for Sunday though you’d have to change the title, maybe ‘heres why I didn’t go to Church!’

Friday – The Cure’s Friday I’m in Love – growing up during the 80’s I was really into the Cure, allegedly I went out on a couple of occasions sporting black eyeliner! I do think Friday would be great name for a girl.

Saturday – can only be the theme from the Fonz and Happy Days!

Sunday – finished the week with Blondie and Sunday Girl, a great song to end my Songs of the Week Compilation.

1. Boomtown Rats, Tell me why I don’t like Mondays
2. The Pogues, Tuesday Morning
3. The Undertones, Wednesday Week
4. Harry Nilsson, Thursday (here’s why I did not go to work today)
5. The Cure, Friday I’m in Love
6. The Fonz Theme Tune, Happy Days
7. Blondie, Sunday Girl

Here’s my favourite:

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