Finally, after several months of looking, I’ve finally found a job which is due to start in the next few days.

Its been quite an interesting experience – I’ve had a few little jobs to tied me over, working as a concierge for a large art fair, doing some basic accounting work and even working in Borough Market making toasted cheese sandwiches!

Having been on the other side of fence (I was a recruiter for a number of years) and now having dealt with recruiters as a candidate, I now know what a huge shower the vast majority of the industry is – thankfully for myself, I did do the basics right and made several friends with people I’ve worked with in the past.

Anyway, been listening to this for the last few months – enjoy!


Welcome Stranger to the Humble Neighbourhood

I love this song by Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros – the energy of the man is amazing and the list of food is fantastic and this song always makes me smile. It’s also a great antidote to all the bullshit spouted by the likes of UKIP – I mean, where would we be without Bombay Duck, Balti Curry, Beigals, Houmous, Cous Cous, Tikka, Lassi and all the other great food we enjoy from all corners of the globe?

Sleaford Mods – Donkey

Recently found this Nottingham based band and been completely blown away – the music is raw, aggressive and unlike anything else out there. I missed Punk first time around and feel that this very much has that DIY feel – compared to everything xfactor and music in general, this really hits the spot.

I’ve not stopped playing them and can’t wait to see them live in the next couple of months – enjoy!

Songs of the Week

Last week, over the course of seven days I tweeted a song corresponding to the day of the week – all the songs meant something to me and brought back some happy memories. I’m posting up here – see what you think…

Monday – feeling pretty down, cause it was the start of the working week, I kicked off with the Boomtown Rats and Tell me why I don’t like Mondays – a great song, that still sounds great today.

Tuesday – what better than the Pogues and Tuesday Morning. I really love this song, it makes me think of someone quite special and the chances I’ve missed to put things right.

Wednesday – Wednesday Week by the Undertones, by far one of my all time favourite bands. Such a great band, Feargal Sharkey’s voice is amazing.

Thursday – Thursday (here’s why I did not go to work today) such a mellow, chilled out song by Harry Nilsson – could almost be a song for Sunday though you’d have to change the title, maybe ‘heres why I didn’t go to Church!’

Friday – The Cure’s Friday I’m in Love – growing up during the 80’s I was really into the Cure, allegedly I went out on a couple of occasions sporting black eyeliner! I do think Friday would be great name for a girl.

Saturday – can only be the theme from the Fonz and Happy Days!

Sunday – finished the week with Blondie and Sunday Girl, a great song to end my Songs of the Week Compilation.

1. Boomtown Rats, Tell me why I don’t like Mondays
2. The Pogues, Tuesday Morning
3. The Undertones, Wednesday Week
4. Harry Nilsson, Thursday (here’s why I did not go to work today)
5. The Cure, Friday I’m in Love
6. The Fonz Theme Tune, Happy Days
7. Blondie, Sunday Girl

Here’s my favourite:

London is the Place for Me

Since the New Year I’ve been living and working up in Hereford though coming back to London most weekends. I do like the Hereford, it’s a beautiful part of the World – very green with a stunning a town centre. It’s just not London! I used to work here previously – would’ve been around 90-94 and the place hasn’t changed one bit. Still has the same names pubs, little cafes and shops – it’s just so quiet.

hereford bull

For example, I went out one evening and walked in to town – must have been about 7pm on a Thursday evening and the centre of town was like Lewisham High Street at 5am – not one soul, it was eerily spooky!

I will move out of London at some point, more than likely heading to one our great northern cities – till then, London is the Place for Me!