Caminito del Rey – Finally Being Fixed

After many false starts, the world-famous Caminito del Rey is finally being made safe so that many more people can enjoy this thrilling walkway – thankfully we got to bag this a couple of times over the years by using our Via Ferrata and Climbing gear to gain access, we were able to enjoy this unique place.


A Christmas Day Walk

Merry Christmas!

It actually rained this morning and I’m pretty sure it’s because all our friends and family were getting a bit cheesed off by our various messages re the glorious weather and chose rain as our Christmas presents!

Still it’s cleared up and whilst cloudy, its been quite a nice day.

To be honest, today has been a bit surreal – climbers as a whole are not very sentimental, there were a few ‘good mornings’ and ‘happy christmas’ muttered but other than that, today could be any other day of the week though we’re having a big dinner this evening – they’ve catered for fifty so should be a great night.

Anyway back to today – Tug and I set off around noon to go and walk the Kings Walkway again, the famous Caminito del Rey…

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el Caminito del Rey, Spain

Like all good adventures, this one caught our attention having seen an article in the newspaper whilst having a lazy sunday afternoon in the pub! The four of us in awe of the article and talking about how great it would be to have a boys adventure over in Spain and completing this famous walk.

A couple of years later and finally getting ourselves in agreement as to a date we left the UK – two by plane, two riding from the UK, through France and into Spain before arriving in el Chorro to start the walk.

The walk is approximately 40 or so kilometers north of Malaga very near Alora in a place called el Chorro. For years there has been talk of renovating this famous walk (following several deaths) as it has fallen into disrepair – to stop people accessing the walk, the Spanish authorities have destroyed both the start and end of the walk though you can still access it via a Via Ferrata.

The walk was completed in little over five hours by Vodka Dave, Simpo, Tug and myself – finishing with huge grins on our faces and wanting to do much more in the future.

The railway tunnel opposite Caminito del Rey

Vodka Dave & Simpo, gaining access

Vodka Dave about to cross the water-bridge

Tug, negotiating the broken path

Memorial to fallen climbers

Simpo, Caminito del Rey

Simpo, Vodka Dave, Crash and Tug, Caminto del Rey - Done!