M. Moen & Sons

I stumbled upon this Butchers a week or so ago whilst seeking out a Turkey for Christmas and having done a bit of research, I can’t believe my luck.

M. Moen & Sons were established in 1978 and have gone from strength to strength and by all accounts, they’re regarded as the best Butchers in South London.

Whilst they didn’t have sawdust on the floor they did have a dozen or so well-thumbed cookery books piled up for customers to thumb whilst ordering (or to check a particular recipe.)

A superb selection of sausages and cooked meats were on display as were numerous cuts of meat including venison. Something I did spy, were some delicious looking Iberico Pork Chops which following Christmas, I’m going to order – they looked superb.

Well, given it was Turkey I was after, it was Turkey I ordered – I’ve gone for a 6kg organic bird, enough for 9 adult and was told that that its already dead and having been hand-plucked, is now being hung for two weeks to enhance the flavour.

I pick the bird up on the 23rd and cannot wait!

2 thoughts on “M. Moen & Sons

  1. Now I’m really impressed…

    Just recieved a telephone call from Gary to say that they believe I’d been charged twice for my turkey and to check with my bank. I hadn’t noticed and transpired they had, told him and he’s refunding the monies asap.

    Given I hadn’t noiticed I’m pretty impressed by this!!

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