‘…You’re the two that like the really easy climbs…’

Was what Tug and I were told the first time we met Siwan – a London-based, Welsh woman! This was a good couple of days back now and since then with been stepping up with our climbs – progressing up to 5. Yesterday though, Siwan asked if she could spend the day climbing with Tug and I, we readily agreed – it’s always good to climb with someone better, receiving good advice along the way.

So setting off, we headed back to what is now becoming our favourite spot – Sector Sergio on Escalera Arabe.

'an Miguel, Siwan & Don Simon

‘an Miguel, Siwan & Don Simon

Siwan had been teasing us both re our ‘Project,’ the majority of climbers based here their own personal project and keep working the climb until its bagged. In the main, they all seem to be graded between 7c and 8a! One thing they all have in common, is that they’re several rungs above our 5+!

Siwan with the two Dutch Girls

Siwan with the two Dutch Girls

It was really good to spend the day climbing with Siwan and having previously been told that ‘…we like the easy climbs…’ set about putting in a little more effort in than usual bagging the project along the way. With Siwan leading we then bagged several climbs graded 6a – 6a+, we were really chuffed and finished the day off eating tapas and drinking cold beers!

In honour of our achievements, Polish Pete played the following several times, throughout the evening…

Bagged, 2nd January 2013:
Yo y mi Resaca (5+)
Sergio y Antonio (6a)
Blobby Right (6a)
Blobby Left (6a+)
Chocolate Orange (6a+)

Sector Sergio, Escalera Arabe

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