George Williams – RIP

A couple of days back my father George passed away.

Having been given two to three months to live back in October 2012 – he fought the disease with all his strength and good humour throughout the last 16 months, before passing away peacefully on the 11th February – a couple of days after his 73rd birthday.

Craig & Dad

He was a great man and a great dad, so many memories are flooding my mind at this moment in time, of shared experiences and our times together – the fun we had, even the tellings off I received as a kid! I remember Dad teaching me to drive at the age 15 – he used to help me deliver the Sunday papers (what with all the supplements, the paper bag would weigh a ton, so he would drive me around.) One Sunday, he asked whether I’d like to have a drive, would I!

Several weeks later I was quite competent(!) Every Sunday, Dad would have a few beers at the Working Mans Club in Wolverton – he would drive there and what with my new-found driving skills, I’d have to meet him there c 14:30 to drive him home, just could not imagine doing that now!

A couple of nights back, must have been about three in the morning – I was down in the front room with him – he’d taken to sleeping downstairs as he no longer had the strength nor balance to support himself anymore. I held his hand and told him what a great man he was, how much I loved and respected him, that he was a good mate. He was asleep at the time whacked out on morphine tablets and temazepan – it was good to be there.

I wasn’t there when he passed on – I’d left the house to collect his step-son from football training. As I was driving to the ground (and whilst searching various radio stations,) one of my all time favourite songs came on the radio – Zoom by Fat Larry’s Band, a classic song from the early eighties which is rarely played these days.

I was singing along with gusto – kinda knowing that Dad didn’t have much time left and as I was singing, tears were welling up in my eyes. I arrived at the ground a couple of minutes after the song finished and received a call that Dad had just passed on and to hurry back to the house. This favourite song of mine now means so much more to me.

Take care my old mate, I’m really going to miss you.

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